Guides and whitepaper from seventhings

We'll take you into the world of digital inventory management and
show you what other exciting topics there are around the mere management of your items.

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Free whitepapers to download:

circular economy guide

ESG whitepaper
Minimizing the carbon footprint through inventory management

The ESG guidelines for 2023 pose major challenges for many companies. The whitepaper shows you the concrete start into the circular economy. 

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Benefits of digital inventory guide

Benefits of digital inventory whitepaper
Get to know the benefits of digital inventory management

Together we take a look at the challenges companies face with manual inventory management.

  • Why manual inventory management holds you back and consumes valuable company resources

  • Manual vs. digital inventory management - the comparison 

  • Checklist to get started with digital inventory management for your business
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Exclusive e-books from seventhings:

Circularity Hub

Circularity Hub E-Book
Entering the circular economy with circular asset tracking

Get to know the Circularity Hub from seventhings and move towards a circular economy.

  • Sell preloved and no longer used assets with just a few clicks in the inventory software

  • Return defective or old objects to the circular economy with our remarketing partners

  • Donate preloved objects to non profit organizationss investing in asset software worth it?
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Inventory E-Book from seventhings

Inventory E-Book
How to manage assets efficiently

Create real value through effective inventory management and learn how to manage assets efficiently, sustainably, and digitally.

  • Why is asset tracking so important?

  • What does digital asset management look like in other companies?

  • Is investing in asset software worth it?
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inventory labels and scanners-1

Labels & Scanners E-Book
How to use labels and scanners for effective inventory management

This E-Book will tell you everything you need to know about inventory labels such as QR codes and RFID labels, as well as giving you an overview of the main types of scanners.

  • Find out how to use inventory labels and scanners for your inventory

  • Get to know different types of inventory labels for your company

  • 6-step plan to start your inventory more efficiently with labels & scanners

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